Monday, February 23, 2009

SYDESTENCIL clothing is ready for business

Yeah~at last syck!! completed the poster for our clothing project.And hell what,we juz counting days to launch our clothing label.Fuck yeah~.Dun miss to visit our booth and let we stencil ur shirt and any apperral u had.See y'all at graphic's day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

we support iDEC day

wo~Its so happening at here.Syck!!and Sunny woke up early to praticipate in futsal tournament.We represent graphic department.Its so hot right here.Not only "hot" in weather but many "hot" chick came to see futsal tournament.hahaha.At the evening,Ajuan and Fifie came along and participated in side event like "tarik tali".Its end about 7.30pm and we so tired.So, that's that we spend our time although we not use spray cans..ahakx!

p/s:ramai shiyal junior hot2! huhu

Thursday, February 12, 2009

new project-graffiti in shop

nell a.k.a syck!! got a phone call yesterday from faisal a.k.a pth; one of the graffwriter at temerloh.He told syck!!, one of streetwear shop at temerloh wanted a graff crew to set up some funky graffiti in thier shop.The deal still on words,so what happen after this is we bout to runnin' 1st paid mural project.So we hope we got right deal.

Monday, February 9, 2009

we rebirth into reality

Yeah..we back and get on next level in graffiti art.Old sydecrew was buried with all nonsence dream and now we rebirth as fresh crew but become pro graffiti artist.Fuck all politics in Malaysia's graffiti scene.We back to stand in our own shoes.SydeCrew wit no hesitate,come out wit new clothing project that called 'sydestencil clothing'.This label will launch at UiTM Sg.Petani,Kedah in Graphic's Day on Feburary 26th-27th.Poster will be posted soon.Aint take personal what other writers say,we still searching girl graffwriter.And this our new crew line-up.

:korang xhebat mane pon sebenarnye.Fuck fame!